Innovative transport disinfection
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To increase the level of epidemiological safety in Russia, a new system of instant disinfection — in less than 1 minute — of ambulance cabins has been developed. The system can be used to carry out disinfection measures inside the ambulance cabin, as well as subsequent control and monitoring of the quality and reliability of the treatment. The developer and manufacturer of the system is ASKM LLC, a resident of the St. Petersburg SEZ.
"Due to the high workload during the pandemic, emergency medical services need prompt disinfection, and at the same time, the treatment should be as effective as possible. We have developed an aerosol disinfection system built into a car and controlled remotely from a tablet to exclude contact of medical personnel with a disinfectant, "said Alexander Shmatkov, founder of ASKM.
Aerosol fine disinfection is an innovative solution in the field of sanitization. A disinfectant is poured into a special apparatus built into the inner part of the car body, which is then automatically sprayed into the passenger compartment of a vehicle, filling even the most inaccessible areas in a short period of time.

"To put it simply, after the patient has been transported, the team members leave the interior of the car, the operator responsible for the disinfection from the tablet instructs the aerosol disinfection system to process the interior, which takes no more than 1 minute. Verified information about the disinfection performed, place, time, car and operator’s full name will automatically enter the database of the medical institution. After that, it takes 5 minutes to ventilate the vehicle and the car is ready to leave again, "A. Shmatkov noted.

The stabilized solution of chlorine dioxide GreenDez acts as a disinfectant. It successfully copes with all known bacteria, fungi and viruses (by the method of strong oxidation it acts on the membrane of pathogens and destroys them) and is safe for humans, taking into account compliance with the norms of use according to the instructions, and also does not damage the surfaces of objects. Due to its active action on microorganisms and gentle properties in relation to the materials of objects and surfaces, GreenDez belongs to non-corrosive and low-corrosive disinfectants.

The ASKM company was founded in St. Petersburg in 2010, bringing together engineers — specialists in the field of aerosol physics, software and electronics developers.
The company specializes in the production of innovative equipment for air disinfection and disinfection of surfaces of premises, furnishings, devices and equipment by the aerosol method, created for medical and preventive organizations (LPO), pharmaceutical industry and high-precision industries, food industry and agriculture.
Equipment manufactured by "ASKM" is used in many medical institutions, including the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg, Research Institute of Emergency Medicine named after V.I. II Dzhanelidze, Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 67, as well as in transport and in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation.
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