BPN: Automated aerosol disinfection systems
Today in the world there are no more than 5−6 companies producing the latest technologies in the field of fine aerosol disinfection of air and indoor surfaces. One of them is a Russian company from St. Petersburg. At the same time, domestic engineers managed to improve the technology by making a mobile hygienic apparatus with higher performance.
In 2018, with the assistance of the BPN agency, Russian technologies became known to the relevant departments, as well as the general public. After that, the manufacturing company managed to make a breakthrough and move from supplies to narrow-profile medical institutions to a wider market, including handling public transport, socially important facilities, hotels and restaurants, etc.
Today, under the auspices of the BPN team of professionals, Russian aerosol disinfection technologies have received a new impetus for development. In the near future, an improved system of mobile systems for vehicles, as well as compact devices for processing small rooms, will appear on the domestic market. According to the agency’s experts, Russian developments in the field of aerosol disinfection can make themselves known on the European market, as well as in a number of Asian countries.

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