BPN: Innovation in light industry
The revival of the domestic light industry is a task that was set by the country’s leadership at all levels back in the 90s. At the same time, a unique innovative technology for the production of the so-called "Smart Shoes" appears in Russia. The products offered by the domestic manufacturer have incorporated the best developments in the footwear industry.
Ergonomic, breathable footwear made using seamless technology immediately found demand from consumers, including in specialized manufacturing industries. Domestic safety footwear has won a solid niche in the market thanks to the practicality and flexible scheme of production lines aimed at meeting the needs of both large departmental organizations and the average consumer.
The growth of production turnover and the intensive development of Smart Shoes technology at a certain point led to the need to build deeper communications with Russian specialized agencies, as well as detailed market research in the B2B and B2C sectors. In order to accomplish these tasks, a group of experts from the investment agency BPN joined the management of the Smart Shoes project.

For domestic innovative development, a detailed development scenario was developed for the coming years, taking into account the building of friendly relations with the relevant authorities. Also, the products of the manufacturers of "Smart Shoes" were able to declare themselves at the largest industrial sites in Russia. As part of the proposed marketing strategy, the technology was able to enter new niches, including in the CIS countries.

Today "Smart Shoes" of Russian production are able to make themselves known in the European, American and Asian markets of light industry. BPN experts assess the competitiveness of Russian innovation as very attractive not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of price.

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